As a small boy during 1940’s, owner Herb Rauhaus would take his scratch-built free flight models and turn them into control line aircraft so they could be flown behind his neighborhood home in Northeast, Ohio.  In the early ‘50s he flew his first radio-controlled model (a Royal Rudder Bug) with an early escapement radio that featured a twelve foot antenna and six-volt power source.  His love for flying continued to grow and eventually Herb realized that he wanted to share this passion with others. The Hobby Hangar’s doors were opened for the first time in the spring of 1975, and Herb has supported modelers of all ages ever since!  During the summer of 2017, Herb’s son, Henry, joined the Hobby Hangar family. Growing up the son of a hobby shop owner, there was no doubt that Henry would eventually want to share his love of flying like his father and help run the family business.


After forty years in business the Hobby Hangar continues to grow, still specializing in  anything that flies. Our business model is quite simple, friendly, knowledgeable customer service from start to finish.  Whether you have been in the hobby for as long as Herb has, or you are a novice looking for some guidance, we strive to support you with whatever your individual needs may be.  If you are looking for radio-controlled airplanes, helicopters, or drones we are sure to have something that will fit the bill. If FPV is your thing, stop by and see what our shelves have to offer.  We carry all the building supplies one would ever need for balsa kits, and if you want instant gratification, we have flying machines from ARFs to RTFs. We also stock model rocketry, cars and trucks, and boats.    


Modelers who shop at The Hobby Hangar agree that one of its most unique offerings is that there is a full-scale and radio-controlled runway on-site!  Check out other sections of our website for more information about this exciting feature.

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